Freezing cold on Christmas Eve

To you, it might be completely normal to be so cold on Christmas, but not for me. Where I live, way down in the depths of the South, we only get a few weeks of cold weather each year. Usually they happen in January or February, when it can get as cold as fifty degrees. With balmy warm weather like this, it is somewhat customary to wear shorts and flip flops on Christmas. It’s too hot to wear ugly Christmas sweaters, so we settle for ugly Christmas tee shirts instead. So when I tell you that due to an unexpected cold snap we were actually cold for Christmas, know it was a true surprise. We had not touched the furnace in almost a full year, so our second surprise was that it didn’t work at all. Who knows how long our furnace had been dead, it might have been for months! Now that we finally needed central heating for once, it was not to be had. It was cold so infrequently around here that I didn’t even have a space heater to use as a backup. Of course, when I say we were freezing cold without a furnace, I mean that it was almost 40 degrees outside, which is actually far from freezing. To us, down here, 40 degrees is sub-arctic, and on Christmas morning I was praying that every present under the tree had a new furnace in it. Of course, two days later it got hot again and we put off fixing up the furnace until next winter.

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