Friend greedy with the heating

When I was in college, and was paired up with random roommates for four straight years, I vowed to myself I would never again have a roommate. That held true for many years, until just a few weeks ago when one of those old college pals called me up needing some help. He had been evicted, his wife had divorced him, and he needed a place to crash for a few days. It didn’t seem like a problem at the time, but now weeks have passed and he is still on my couch, as if this is his actual home. The way he handles my thermostat really burns my bacon, too, because he acts like his own comfort supersedes mine. The way I see it, a man’s house is his castle, and he should be able to set the heating and cooling to whatever level he most enjoys. This castle has been invaded, apparently by someone who needs the constant heating one only finds in a nursery. I tend to run a little hot I suppose, so I don’t run my furnace as much as some other people, but my friend leaves it running constantly! If the heat shuts off, he will get up and go nudge the thermostat down to turn it back on. Worst of all, when the end of the month came my utility bill was twice as high as usual, thanks to him running my furnace so much. I want him gone, I want my couch back, and most of all I want my thermostat back.

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