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For first-time homeowners or others that are inexperienced with the heating and air conditioning functions offered in a house, there are some things to consider before diving into upgrades for brand-new heating and cooling system equipment. Whether you’re looking to improve the heating or cooling systems for your home, you should first take a look at the insulation throughout the house. Much savor a styrofoam cooler, the insulation in the walls and ceiling work to keep cool air inside the lake house in the summer, and sizzling air indoors during the winter. With poor insulation in a house, even a top of the line heating and air conditioning plan will be hampered as the air leaks out of the lake house through the roof or cracks in the walls. That’s why insulation should be diagnosed first, before even considering a new heating or cooling device. In that same vein comes the importance of knowing whether an attic fan is needed. Made to push sizzling air in the attic out of the house, attic fans can reduce heat stored inside a lake house considerably. However, having an attic fan is a fruitless endeavor if the lake house already has excellent insulation; Plus, attic fan usage can legitimately cause the cooled air to circulate out of the lake house faster if the insulation in the roof is poor, then really, an attic fan should only be considered if the insulation in the ceiling is solid, but the insulation in the roof itself needs work.

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