Frosty movie theatre

Last weekend I decided to go to the movie theatre. I actually went by myself so there was no date I had to impress or anything. I was able to get some snacks for myself too which was cool. The thing is, when I stepped into the theatre, I thought the A/C was turned up too high. It was really frosty inside the place and I wished that I had my jacket. This was unfortunately something I didn’t really think about. I should have known because it seemed whenever I went to the movie theatre, it was a bit cold inside the place. Well, the movie I was watching was so boring, I just wasn’t enjoying my experience. I didn’t even make it halfway into the movie before I decided that the A/C was freezing me to death. If the A/C didn’t kill me, I would die of boredom from watching this terrible movie. It was no wonder the movie theatre was nearly empty, this movie must of had the worst reviews of all time. Some of the people that were there actually got up and left. When I decided to leave, I tried to get a refund at the ticket counter. I was telling them that the movie was total garbage and the A/C was just blasting too hard. They said it was their policy to keep the thermostat at a certain setting for the movie goers. They unfortunately couldn’t change that, but they told me they would provide me with a movie voucher to enjoy a different movie. I took the voucher and figured I would just bring my jacket next time I came to see a movie.

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