Full of fireplace

The most unusual thing was just realised by myself and others the other week! I had found out that every single person that lives on our street has different kinds of fireplaces in their home! I found this out from someone I guess in the village who does condo inspections! This is a village full of nothing but house rentals, so all of us all are renters, then and, the property management goes through and does condo inspections once every 6 months to make sure the people renting are not destroying the houses.

This person told myself and others that it was unusual that a single house has a gas fireplace, then another has an electric fireplace, and then you have even a few authentic natural fireplaces; But every single house has a fireplace in it! My house is a single of the houses that has an authentic and natural fireplace, and I truthfully like it, however would never trade this house for the world, nor move, unless the rent went up too high, or if the property management company decided to sell the home.

If I did have to transport though, I would want a house that had another authentic and natural fireplace in it. If it didn’t, I would actually ask the property management if I could at least get a single of those electric fireplaces installed. Because they look and guess real enough like the authentic a singles. And they hot the house genuinely well too! I guess this because I have been at our neighbor’s house, who has a single of the electric fireplaces.



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