Furnace filter

Recently, it became clear that things can change in the blink of an eye, and you never know what life will bring. I have l received just how fragile and rare life really is, even though it seems so stubborn. I was in a very drastic car accident two years ago and I’m still recovering. I was driving late at night, and all I truly remember is coming around a bend in the road and suddenly seeing headlights coming straight toward me. I abruptly woke up in a hospital bed surrounded by all of my best family and friends. I had broken two ribs, an arm, and both of my legs were shattered to pieces. This excruciating experience made me honestly stop and feel about how fragile life really is. I decided from that very time forward I would live my life for the lord. I began to host Bible studies right at my home every other day. I would teach of God’s care and I loved having people over to my home so often. The huge challenge for me came when Springtime ended and the super moderate Summer weeks began. I desperately needed to turn on my AC. It was super hard each day for me to reach my thermostat because I am stuck here in a wheelchair until my legs heal. I tried over and over, time and time again to reach it, despite the huge fact that I simply couldn’t without sitting up and reaching the AC button. I usually ended up waiting until my guest arrived and would have to ask them lower the thermostat. Although by the time they even got to the house, it was already really warm. One fateful afternoon, my associate showed me how he could control his very own thermostat from his smartiphone. I knew that was exactly what I needed. Hopefully I’ll be able to control my thermostat from my own smartiphone by the next Bible learn that I host. God lives.

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