Furnace having some issues

With the weather increasing suddenly, I suppose the need to remind most people about the dangers of using malfunctioning heating units.  Maybe you do not suppose about the dangers, when you are simply trying to keep yourself hot & heat your beach house while in this upcoming winter.  There are some major safety issues with regard to Winter time heating. In particular, beach house fires & carbon monoxide poisoning. The Centers of Disease Control notes that more than 400 people die biweekly from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning.  Most of those deaths occur in the winter, when the beach house tenants are attempting to heat their beach house with a defective furnace or section heater. This “Silent Killer” is an odorless gas that updates the oxygen in your body when it is inhaled. The victims often suppose that they have the flu.  It is created by several ordinary malfunctioning equipment. That is why as an Heating, Ventilation & A/C provider, I have seen the destruction that a defective furnace can do & I want to get the word out. I personally have talked to several residents in the older cities, trying to make them aware of these dangers.   Do not use a faulty furnace, section oil furnace or even a fireplace that hasn’t been cleaned in a few years. In an attempt to heat your home, that fireplace can genuinely catch your beach house on fire. As a local Heating, Ventilation & A/C provider trying to spread the word about using safe heating sources while in the winter, I encourage a furnace tune-up.  That furnace that is in drastic need of repair, should not be used until a licensed heating business checks it.

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