Furnace just won’t turn on

Black Friday seems to be the target date for every store to get rid of leftover inventory and to make a lot of money from customers.  All of the toy stores are offering buy one get one board games and video games. I saw an ad where a local Super Center was selling big screen television sets, for less than $500.  This is less than half of what they charge any other day. This year, the grocery stores seem to be getting in on the act. They were discounting certain meats and canned goods. My favorite Black Friday sale, was the HVAC company.  I didn’t necessarily need the new furnace right now, but I knew this would be the last year for my furnace. When I saw the amazing reduced prices they were offering on certain furnaces, I had to buy my new furnace now. The best part of buying the furnace at this time, was that we got free installation.  You had to buy your furnace that day and have the installation down within two weeks of purchase. I picked out the furnace that I wanted and I went over and began to sign up for the installation date. They asked if it was an emergency and I told them no. They were so backed up with all of the purchases that there was no way they were able to give me a date for installing  my new furnace, within the two week period promised. I was really worried they were now going to charge me the installation fees, which could be up to as much as $1000. They finally installed my new furnace today, and the installation was free.

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