Gambling and the heater/air

I’ve never been big into gambling – well, not until I turned twenty-one years of age, and went to a tiny casino with some friends to celebrate my birthday. I’d expected to put cash on the craps table and promptly watch it all disappear, however as luck would have it, I walked out of that casino about a hundred dollars richer that night! Since then, I make a habit of going to the gambling halls, casinos and even take the occasional cruise around the Caribbean to earn my winnings! Despite the huge amount of money acquired through luck, not everything in my life is based on a risky gamble. There’s multiple things I’m never willing to gamble on: our heating, and our a/c appliance! Since I live in a region of the country that’s pretty susceptible to the elements all year long, it’s usually best for myself and others to keep our heating and a/c appliance up to par throughout the year. Before the Summer arrives, I make a point to schedule an a/c appliance maintenance visit from our local HVAC maintenance business. The serviceman they send out is always friendly and polite, and ensures that our appliance is running as it should. Meanwhile, he also checks out the heating appliance, from the furnace to the fireplace, and lets myself and others be aware if there’s any services I should schedule for the heating appliances around the dwelling. He’s never pushy or overtly forward about getting particular repairs done, however he legitimately won’t let myself and others just rest idly by while the heating appliance falls apart! I’m thankful to have this corporation in my life, as they ensure our dwelling stays comfortable all year long. Funny enough, I legitimately ran into our typical HVAC serviceman at a poker room the other night. I suppose we have particular risks we’re willing to take!

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