Garate HVAC update

One thing I’ve been dying to add to this home since I bought it was a garage.

Well, maybe not a literal garage, but more care about a garage that’s been converted into a “man cave”, but i want to have a space where I can jam out on my drum kit or play my keyboard, and not disrupt anyone in the home or around me.

Since I can make sure that the garage is equipped with soundproof insulation, I guess that it wouldn’t take much to get the place “looking” the way I wanted to, but I still had to make sure that it felt the right way, too, but that meant having something installed to keep the modern practice space cool oroverheatedduring the summer time and winter, respectively. So, I worked with my standard heating and a/c repair provider to draw up a plan! He walked myself and others through a few options, but none sounded as efficient and cost-effective as a ductless mini-split heating and system! It was a solid all-in-one device, which would keep myself and others cool oroverheatedas needed, however plus, since the component works without using air ducts, there was no need for ducttoil to be installed! It was ready to go as soon as the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C worker had the plan blocked in and linked. I was so gleeful to be 1 step closer to having my practice space, I couldn’t stand it! I just hope that I can get my buddies to come by and see the modern space for themselves – maybe then we’ll absolutely have band practice more often.

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