Getaway cabin and a/c

I have fun in the the outdoors, however I’ve never legitimately went camping before.  My family grew up on 150 acres of wooded land so every one of us always felt enjoy every one of us were in the outdoors the minute every one of us opened the door to walk out.  I never felt a strong urge to pitch open a tent out on our property anywhere just to get the sort of outdoor “feel” that is so often the subject of movie in addition to TV cliches.  With that said, I had the occasion to visit a cabin owned by my Grandparents on several possibilities as a child. The lodge was a single room with many bunk beds on 1 end in addition to a kitchen section on the other.  In the middle was a large table in addition to off to the sides were several different chairs, couches, desks, gun racks, hunting boxes, in addition to junk. There was electricity however no running water in addition to no A/C of any type.  I remember my trips there when I was very young fondly, in addition to to the best of my ability to remember, I never had many concerns with the lack of AC, even in the summer time months. With this in my head, I booked a week stay at a mountain resort where you can stay in a private cabin much enjoy the 1 my Grandparents owned.  The property supervisor warned me about the lack of A/C in the lodges since my holiday was booked for early to mid July. I figured that if I could strenuous it out enjoy this when I was as a kid, I could do it again with no big issues. I have never been so wrong about something in my entire life. Perhaps it was the lack of any available breeze or the fact that the humidity was in the high 90s, however my holiday in the lodge was a blisteringly warm nightmare.  The ceiling fan did little to help me rest at night as I drowned in a pool of my own sweat. I won’t ever be booking a stay in a locale with no A/C again, no matter how amazing the price is.