Getting a better HVAC unit

I consider myself a pretty reliable person.  I also expect my friends to be reliable. When I say I will do something, I always keep my word and do as I say I will, for the most part my friends are this way as well. Though I have come across some people in my life that were certainly unreliable. The last HVAC supplier I used for my HVAC repair for example, these people were totally unreliable. They had a nice ad in the yellow pages, so I went with them for my repair when my HVAC system broke down! After their HVAC suppliers diagnosed the system, not only did they overcharge me but the HVAC broke down within a month! I was so mad and told them they better repair my HVAC system after how much they charged for a temporary fix! Well, they came out and diagnosed it, but then it only worked for another day! I was done with these people and looked for an HVAC repair company that had great reviews. I should have done this in the beginning because I found a great HVAC company that was reliable! They knew exactly what was wrong and said whoever was working on the system before were total amateurs. They had everything clean as a whistle and everything worked perfectly after they were done. They didn’t even charge me nearly as much as the other company did. What a bunch of scam artists those guys were! If you want a reliable HVAC company, check the reviews!