Getting a bit touchy about the Heating & A/C

Last week, our cork popped on it & I unloaded on everyone when I came home

My family enjoys to supply me a hard time about stuff. It’s cool because I used to supply our outdated guy a hard time as well. I assume it just goes with the dad territory actually. I don’t mind at all being the butt of a joke or having our wifey & kids razz me over the stuff I do. But, I do tend to get a bit grumpy when it comes to just apparent disrespect. Now, our wifey & kids don’t outwardly disrespect me however sometimes their behavior does. One massive thing that gets to me is the Heating & A/C. Our house is fairly massive & genuinely comfortable by any measure. My kids don’t genuinely assume any better however our wifey & I sure do. I worked & sacrificed a lot to supply this life. There isn’t much I ask in return other than to respect what they have. The Heating & A/C costs, especially during the Summer weeks, are fairly egregious. That’s why I go to good lengths to alleviate the load on the Heating & A/C. I installed automatic blinds to prevent the direct sunshine exposure from heating up the house. Most afternoons I grill outside in order to not use the range or the over. I even purchased everyone kneel up fans to use in their rooms during the heat of the morning. But, our family will leave doors open. Like wide open for hours at a time. This makes me see red. Last week, our cork popped on it & I unloaded on everyone when I came home. I also left them all the yearly electric bill to figure out how to pay.



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