Getting a bit touchy about the HVAC

My family enjoys to give myself and others a hard time about stuff.

It’s cool because I used to give our old man a hard time as well.

I guess it just goes with the dad territory actually. I don’t mind at all being the butt of a joke or having our spouse plus adolescents razz myself and others over the stuff I do. But, I do tend to get a bit grumpy when it comes to just evident disrespect. Now, our spouse plus adolescents don’t outwardly disrespect myself and others but sometimes their behavior does. One big thing that gets to myself and others is the HVAC. Our house is fairly big plus absolutely comfortable by any measure. My adolescents don’t actually think any better but our spouse plus I sure do. I worked plus sacrificed a lot to supply this life. There isn’t much I ask in return other than to respect what they have. The HVAC costs, especially during the summer time months, are fairly egregious. That’s why I go to good lengths to alleviate the load on the HVAC. I installed automatic blinds to prevent the direct sunlight exposure from heating up the house. Most days I grill outside in order to not use the range or the over. I even bought most people rest up fans to use in their rooms during the heat of the day. But, our family will leave doors open. Like wide open for hours at a time. This makes myself and others see red. Last week, our cork cooked on it plus I unloaded on most people when I came home. I also left them all the monthly electric bill to figure out how to pay.

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