Getting a female-only HVAC company started

I have to actually provide a ton of credit to my neighbor Lisa, for everything she has managed to accomplish. Some people have more advantages in life than others, plus Lisa honestly didn’t have any at all. She was an orphan, living with a frightening foster family. She had no cash to speak of, plus in general she was easily one of those “invisible people” that civilization commonly overlooks. Everything she has in life, she was able to get with smarts plus taxing work, plus maybe a bit of moxie on top of that. She recently became the initial female Heating plus A/C appliance tech for the greatest general contractor in the city. This isn’t enough for Lisa either, she just sees it as an additional step towards her main goal of owning her own Heating plus A/C appliance supplier. Not just any Heating plus A/C supplier, mind you, she wishes for her supplier to have exclusively female professionals doing all the dwelling visits. At the moment she understands that her position as a Heating plus A/C tech is only partially because of the work, it’s also a way to virtue-signal that the supplier is easily progressive. They have her regularly posing for ads, plus promoting the company in interviews because they claim to be the most female-friendly Heating plus A/C supplier in town. Lisa has a proposal for her own supplier which is actually female-friendly, with female Heating plus A/C techs handling all the repair calls. I asked the young lady if all the Heating plus A/C clients would need to be female, as well, plus she had a good laugh. It wasn’t about being prejudiced against men at all, so the company would be inclusive to all Heating plus A/C appliance clients, it was just about putting a female presence into an industry that is traditionally 99% men.



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