Getting a modern air conditioner

Once upon a time I was a tenant, which frankly sucked. Especially since now I have tasted the joys plus freedoms of owning my home, I doubt I could ever go back to renting, though you do get some advantages as a renter. Being able to call the super or a property owner when something breaks is always nice, but you also have to pay more and more in rent fees each year as the rates keep rising! No matter how much you enjoy the place, it is never really yours! I thought I could never afford a house, so thankfully a double wide mobile home proved to be just as good! Better yet, I had enough money left over for the best Heating, Ventilation, and A/C plan on the market! To be honest, I might have went a bit overboard. This A/C was a lot more powerful than I would ever need it to be, especially since the square footage of my trailer calls for something much smaller! I could have probably done just fine with a small box style A/C unit, like the kind you put in your window. That would have been satisfactory for cooling down the whole home, even if a brutal summer heatwave had rolled through town! I have an A/C so strong it will keep the entire home frosty, even with all the windows and doors wide open to the outdoor weather. The intensity and cooling power of these modern air conditioning systems is nothing short of wild to me, and I can’t wait to see what comes out next in the world of heating, ventilation and air conditioning!

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