Getting a new HVAC filter

I like my new cottage. There are more than one stories and a pressing yard, but compared to the dwarf-like cottage I last lived in, it is a pressing update. The living room is amazing, it even has a automatic vacuum. I have only lived in the house for a few months, although I can’t wait to spend my golden years here. It was Summer when I moved in so I usually just opened the windows and enjoyed the sunshine and cool weather. It was fantastic to believe the ocean breeze. It has been getting quite a bit more icy recently, and I am now noticing that the heating is not really keeping me comfy. I have checked the air filters and looked at the heating system to see if I can see any problems, and from what I can see there is not a single thing wrong, but there must be something happening because it’s not finally working! I called an Heating and A/C contractor and he asked myself and others a few details about my heater. He asked if there were any different noises and when they last time I had the heating plan looked at. I needed to explain to him that I just moved here and have never engaged the heating system before. Luckily they have an Heating and A/C contractor that will be coming out before the weekend. I will most likely decide to get a new furnace so I don’t have to worry about it anymore, but the HVAC guy said it may be repairable.