Getting a window air conditioner

Me and my wife were getting ready to put in our window air conditioning machine when something just didn’t seem right.  It was put in & running properly & we even had cool air coming from the AC unit, but there was a real bad aroma coming from the machine.  I asked my wife if she had took care of the air filter & she just kind of looked at me. She finally said that she hadn’t even thought about the air filters.  She suddenly pulled the air filter & I about puked. There was a nest of a bunch of baby mice that had got into the AC & they were nesting in the air filter material.  I couldn’t believe how they had survived in there, but I knew a Mama huge mouse had to be close by. That’s when she jumped out & landed on my wife’s chest. She went dashing outside & knocked her off, while still holding the air filter that housed her babies.  I had to laugh because the mouse went one way, the babies were scattered through the leaves & the air filter landed on the dry ground. I was laughing so hard that we didn’t hear the air conditioning as it crashed to the floor & broke all over. Along with a broken air conditioning, we both also had a large crack in our hardwood flooring, which we both had just installed a week ago.  She called the flooring local business to have them come in & fix the floor while I called the Heating & Air Conditioning business & ordered a new central air conditioning machine for our home! That’s 1 AC installation I will never forget to this day.

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