Getting assigned to classrooms with crappy HVAC in college

I went to a genuinely nice college. The dorm rooms were very nice and well accommodated. Me and my roommates even had access to a thermostat, though we would bicker over it now and again. Places like the cafeteria and the gym and certain other buildings had excellent HVAC quality as well. Despite this, and despite there being plenty of classrooms in buildings that had great HVAC, I always ended up seeming to get the short end of the stick when it came to which room my classes were to be in. I majored in history, and based on the classroom assignments that the college coordinated for history classes, it did not seem like they appreciated history as a discipline as much as others. I would often end up in classes that were in small rooms where the doors opened up straight to the outside and there was crappy HVAC to the point where we would often prop open that door to let the breeze through.This was obviously not very practical during the summer or the winter, as in the summer, there was no breeze to take advantage of, and in the winter, it was far too chilly to even consider it. That was really unfortunate, because it turns out that the heating system in many of these small, dilapidated classrooms seemed to be working overtime, so a cool breeze from the outside would be welcome. Basically, we had to choose between a stuffy and hot room or a chilly room with snow blowing in from an open doorway!

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