Getting back in shape with home gym

My new desk job is great for a lot of things, but it has made it far too easy to put on weight now that I’m not on my feet moving things all day. The only problem is I also live out in the country, so any of the big gyms are quite a haul away from me. So since I’m already working out of my home office, I thought why not just put together a home gym too? I was worried about the high cost of equipment, but I was able to learn online how to do a lot of different exercises just using free weights and resistance bands. I can even do body resistance training with a pull-up bar once I work past all of my weights. The only thing I go outside to do is run, as the idea of doing cardio on a treadmill just sounds ridiculous when I live in this beautiful farming town. One of the best parts of my home gym is that it’s always comfortable, and its open 24/7. Since I live alone, I can work out whenever it works into my schedule for the day. This also allows me to set the thermostat to whatever setting I want to stay comfortable. I decided to take advantage of the spare bedroom’s HVAC zone control and have put my workout equipment in there. In this way, I can shut the door and adjust the central AC on this room alone, without turning down the AC for my whole apartment. I can keep cooler to push myself to the limit, without suffering from a really high utility bill! The minimal cost of cooling this one room for an hour is even less than a gym membership.

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