Getting by with a window air conditioner

Because of the weather in the area where I live, I’ve never bothered with central air conditioning. Our summer seasons are too short to make it worth it. However, for those couple of months, the temperature often climbs into the high eighties and the humidity is pure torture. The house quickly becomes overheated and sticky. This is only a problem for me at night. I’m either at work, where there’s air conditioning, or I’m spending all of my free time outside. I like to work in the gardens, swim in the pool and read a book in the sunshine. Since my bedroom is the only room I need to keep cool, I get by with a window air conditioner. For the longest time, I got by with a very old cooling unit that my brother gave me when he moved away. Although the air conditioner was extremely bulky and heavy, I was happy to have it. Every spring, I would struggle to carry that air conditioner down the very steep and narrow attic stairs. I always had trouble getting the unit to fit into the window. Although the air conditioner was rather noisy, it kept my bedroom perfectly cool all summer long. I enjoyed it so much that I always left it in the window and ran the system until mid fall. The noise of the air conditioner operating and the feel of the air circulating was great for sleeping. I’d then need to haul that bulky unit back up into the attic. Just last year, when installing it into the window, I shoved a bit too aggressively. I hadn’t realized the wooden window frame was slightly rotted. The air conditioner went straight through and landed in the driveway. Falling out of a second story window was the end of the cooling unit.

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