Getting cooling on the lanai for my iguana

My iguana just likes hanging out on my lanai.

In the summer, I put my pet out there for a few hours so he can soak up the sun.

However, he can’t stay out too long because it is too warm on the lanai in addition to there absolutely is no way for him to cool down in addition to I don’t want him to perish due to heatstroke. In the Wintertide months, is simply too chilly for him to be outside. He just likes scampering around in the substantial lanai section in addition to I feel bad when I have to put him back inside of his little cage inside. I wish there was some way to have weather conditions control on the lanai. Benny is so close to the ground that I believe some sort of underfloor a/c idea might work. I read that there are pipes that can be installed under the flooring in addition to they transfer cold water through them if you want cooling in addition to they can cool down the space. If I set the temperature to a comfortable degree year-round, Benny could live outside almost always. It is true, a lot of the temperature controlled air would escape into the outside climate. But I don’t absolutely see that as being a problem because Benny prefers to hang out near the floor level. Benny should still stay comfortable from the cooled pipes no matter what is going on outside. I wonder how much getting something like that installed would cost me for such a tiny space.

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