Getting duct cleaning for the home

My husband and i bought a house a couple of years ago.  I sometimes wonder if this house used to belong to a hoarder.  There are so many types strange patterns that are faded into the carpet and there are indentations that I can’t get out and is definitely a bunch of boxes.  The room just smells like a storage shed. You know what it smells like when you walk into a library and head back into unused books, that is the odor in my home.  I was always cleaning, dusting and putting deodorization on the carpet, but nothing helps with the smell and nothing gets rid of all of the dust in the house. I sometimes think I can see dust falling off the ceiling.  I don’t think the house had been cleaned in years, if ever. There was so much dust, that my allergies were beyond control and I was tired of blowing my nose and the itchy, runny eyes. I said something to my friend and she told me I may want to call the HVAC company.  She told me they have an air purification system that can installed right into my heating and air conditioning. The HVAC company came out cleaned all of the ductwork, and then they installed a Pure Air Filtering system into my HVAC. When they were done, I vacuumed the entire house and I went to bed.  I was shocked that my eyes didn’t itch and the house felt and smelled so much cleaner. The Pure Air Filter System was quite expensive, but it was worth every penny I paid.

ductwork cleaning