Getting good temperature control in the studio

When my wifey and I first met, all of us were both college students with no cash and large dreams. Five years later, I can confidently look back on those times and smile at everything we’ve accomplished in such a short amount of time. The two of us both  gained our degrees, found appealing tasks in our fields of study, and now all of us own a house! However, I’ll admit that the new home could absolutely use some job before all of us would call it our dream home. For me, there’s 1 thing I’ve been dying to do since all of us bought this place, and that’s to convert 1 of the spare family rooms into an art studio. However, if I’m going to draw, paint, play songs and more in this room, it needs to be kept cool and dry – taxing to do when the weather outside is consistently sizzling and humid in our region! So, I’ve been looking into buying a dehumidifier for the house. Unlike the portable dehumidifiers you can grab at most supermarkets, this dehumidifier installs and works alongside the air conditioning program in the Summer or the heating program in the winter. Controlled by a humidistat, which operates love a thermostat, the dehumidifier can “dry out” the new home to ensure it feels much cooler indoors. Of course, it will only suppose cooler thanks to the lack of humidity, so it will be easier for the new home to drop in temperature. Either way, it will make my leisurely activities much more good since I won’t need to hear a fan spinning over my head!

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