Getting in shape before starting new job

I’ve lost weight, gained muscle tone and become more aware of my body

About two years ago, I was offered a promotion at work that included much higher pay and a more prestigious title. This new job also necessitated a move across the country. Leaving behind the cold and snow of the northeast and heading to the hot and sunny weather down south was not a hardship. I was extremely excited to get started. It was nice that my company allowed me six months to make arrangements and complete the move. I decided to use that time to make some major changes to my life. I wanted to start my new job at my very best. I hoped to spend my free time at the beach and feel confident in my bikini. With limited time and a lot to accomplish, I realized that I needed the help of knowledgeable professionals. I signed up with a personal trainer who was able to recommend a nutritionist. The nutritional counselling was especially beneficial because it taught me how to eat properly. With a more conscientious meal plan, I don’t need to starve myself to remain at a healthy and attractive weight. I can actually eat larger portions because I’m sticking with healthy options such as fruits, vegetables and lean fish. The personal trainer developed an intense and demanding exercise regimen. I’ve learned the right way to go about improving my strength and stamina. I can now push myself to greater lengths without suffering injuries. I’ve lost weight, gained muscle tone and become more aware of my body. I take the time to warm up my muscles, stretch properly, value flexibility and cool down. By the time I started my job, I had gained a great deal of confidence because of my fitness accomplishments.

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