Getting into the attic

I had the choice recently after I finally got on my feet financially & free of debt to either continue residing in an condo & pay rent, or I could buy something & live in it indefinitely. In my head, the dichotomy was constantly staying in an condo versus buying a detached house. The either/or in this situation was limiting, because my budget wasn’t large & I didn’t want a large transition from the way I live now. Additionally, there are things care about yard care & other service required when you own your home, whereas here all of that is covered by my rent costs. I can’t remember what triggered the thought in my mind, but that’s when I realized I could get the best of both worlds through buying a condominium. You have all of the plus side of residing in an condo without the drawback of indefinitely burning through your money on biweekly rent fees. There is almost constantly some sort of house association or HOA fee each month, but this is to cover building service & exterior work. How much this fee is each month differs from a single house association to another. I like my modern house with such an affordable HOA fee, although I cannot guess I have to climb inside my attic to simply change my air filter. I’m used to having the return vent housing my filters, & at most getting on a ladder to swap them out. If I want to update the filters for my heating & cooling system in my modern condo, I literally have to climb inside the attic every single time. Plus, it’s not right at the opening either, it’s somewhat far back behind many rafters.



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