Getting more powerful cooling

I was starting to become concerned when the living room felt warm, even when the cooling system was blasting. I would keep changing the thermostat so that all of us could get more cooling power to our room, but it just wasn’t working as much as I wanted it to! The thing is, the rest of the apartment became frigid while the room stayed warm. I ended up going to the store to grab a window air conditioning component, just to install it in our living room! When I installed that thing, that’s when our room finally became nice as well as cool and comfortable. When my wife came back home from work, she asked why all of us had a window A/C system in our living room. I explained how regardless of the intensity at which I blasted the air conditioning system, I couldn’t get the room to cool down at all. She said, “You should’ve told me about that, because the HVAC service guys could have fixed it!” I apologized and explained that I didn’t know what I was supposed to do, though that window A/C component was doing a wonderful job! She wound up calling the Heating and Air Conditioning company and soon, we had a Heating and Air Conditioning service technician was at home. She discovered that the ductwork was all jammed up. It was causing uneven cooling in the household, and that was why all of us weren’t getting any real cooling to our living room while the rest of the apartment would cool down significantly.

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