Getting my own space

The immense outdoor shed in our yard needed some love.  I had built the thing over a decade ago when the boys were little.  They used it as a fort to play in plus I used the rest of it as storage.  Now, the boys are all grown up but one of them is still living with us. Seems a college degree just isn’t a guarantee anymore.  My son who is living at my house has a degree in a specialized field but no actual job. He lives here to save money. So, I began cleaning out the shed to create a bit of a work barn for me.  It’s an awesome space but totally devoid of any heating or air conditioning. I threw some old window AC unit in to see if that would do the trick. It did not. I tried the cooling tower my spouse uses at her office and that thing barely registered on our cool meter.  There are no ductworks in the shed so, I figured I was out of the question until I spoke with our heating and cooling tech. The heating and AC repair person came out to perform standard maintenance on the heating and cooling system for our house. I asked her whether there were any other heating or cooling choices I might have for the shed.  She walked out to the shed to have a look. The heating and AC professional suggested that I consider using a mini split system. The mini split heater and AC is a ductless heating and cooling unit which offers significant energy production. Additionally, the mini split method is unquestionably efficient with SEER ratings normally over 25. The heating and air conditioning tech explained how she could mount the a single blower unit high on the back wall of my shed.  Then, she would cut a hole in that exterior wall to feed through wires plus hoses to the condenser. The condenser unit is small plus could even fit up under the eaves. I thanked her for the advice plus told her I would be in touch to make an appointment. Daddy’s gonna get a work barn.

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