Getting our a/c running

I’ve always been a stickler for following the rules, but people say it’s a discouraging trait that I have, however many of my coworkers can appreciate my lawful nature… My family, on the other hand… well, they’ve said on more than 1 opportunity that they wish I’d give some slack and bend the rules here and there. I think that’s what happens when a military girl comes back home to live as a civilian, huh? Anyhow, our family and I live in a cozy house, however I don’t appreciate our adolescents playing with the temperature control component whenever they feel too sizzling or too cold! When our child tells me it’s too sizzling plus she wants the a/c to run, I tell her to open a window or stand under a ceiling fan. When our child says it’s chilly inside and wants the gas furnace to turn on, I remind her that she is fully capable of wearing a blazer indoors! I suppose they’re just adolescents and don’t honestly know any better, however it’s best to make sure they understand the importance of the temperature control plus how it keeps our lake house bearable. My husband had grown tired of my policing ways, so he decided to buy a smart control component for the house. He explained how the smart control component tracks our heating plus cooling usage. It builds a run schedule based on those habits! That sounded pretty neat, however I didn’t trust the machine to leave the heating plus cooling component alone! I was pleasantly surprised to find that the smart control component was honestly allowing our bills to stay low, even though my family was running the a/c or  oil furnaces more often. That just goes to show you how technology can do something better than you ever could!

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