Getting our furnace filter taken care of

I have never been the type of person who likes to make sure my work is done ahead of time.  If I have the work done on time, I am happy. No matter how pressing, I work hard and I do the work properly, so it didn’t really matter if I had the work done early or right on time.  There are some things that I don’t mind having done a bit ahead of time. There are some things that should be done right on time or early and I recognize those situations. One of those things that I have come to understand the importance of, is remembering to change the air filter.  My father used to preach the importance of changing the air filters in the furnace and the air conditioning. He would tell us all that if you didn’t change the air filters, you risked the chance of having the HVAC system break down. Your air quality is also highly compromised when the air filters aren’t changed,.  Dust and dirt accumulates on the air filters. When they aren’t changed regularly, the the dust is able to get out into the breathing air and it diminishes the air quality. Not changing the air filters can also diminish the lifespan of the heating and/or air conditioning system. The dirt and dust are not able to be trapped and it passes right by the air filter.  This allows it to get into the components inside the HVAC system. There is undue stress put onto the components and they tend to break down very quickly.

HEPA filter