Getting our house extra cozy for the winter months

There is no substitute for a really warm house during the winter.

This is especially true when you live in a region where the winter is nearly 6 months long.

And it comes with a whole lot of snow, ice and freezing temperatures. The HVAC heating method runs for six months of the year. But the middle four can be the most challenging. So it’s super important to make sure the HVAC is getting all the help it can get when it comes to the load it has to carry in the winter. Our furnace is relatively new and we are very, very happy with it. Not only is it more powerful but it’s also far more efficient. This is important given the high cost of heating in this region. Once the leaves start to change each fall, we call the HVAC people to come out and have a look at the furnace. The HVAC technician comes out and inspects every inch of the furnace. He tunes it up and replaces any worn parts. This is the first and probably the most important step to ensuring that our home is toasty warm throughout the winter. The other part is on us. We take the fall to make sure the house is as sealed up and insulated as possible. It’s really just common sense. The more HVAC treated air we can keep on the inside the better. And if we don’t have any gaps or cracks to let the cold air in, then that is less work for the HVAC. It doesn’t take too much but it’s important to do our part to be sure that winter is as comfortable as possible.

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