Getting our HVAC looked at

I have a massive deadline coming up today for work and it just seems like everything that could go south has gone south! I’m trying to finish our work, but the bathroom sink got all clogged, the refrigerator stopped finally working, our son hurt himself on his skateboard, and the two dogs brought in mud in all over the family room floor; Now that I finally got all of that under control, it seems that our heating and A/C plan has decided to stop finally working! It’s certainly miserable outside here right now. the temperature is supposed to get well up into the 90s, but and wouldn’t you guess it? The A/C just will not activate. I’m trying to get all of this work done before our deadline, but I’m spending most of our time fanning myself and putting my head in the (now finally working) freezer to get some fresh air! I just don’t understand what could possibly be going on with the A/C in our house, especially due to the fact that I just had our Heating and A/C supplier out to do a heating and A/C check last week! The Heating and A/C specialist said that everything on our central A/C component looked fine to him, and so I thought that when I turned the temperature control down, the A/C would flip right on and start cooling the home down! But boy, was I wrong. It’s blowing nothing but dry and miserable air out of the air vents and the temperature in the home isn’t cooling off at all. I’m going to hit up the Heating and A/C supplier again and have them come out to look at the A/C again to see what the issue is. Then, I pray that I’ll be able to get some work wrapped up!

central air cooling