Getting rid of the mold

Eliminating all mold in your living area is easier said than done. Most of the time you’ll go to remove the mold with the usual tools–watered-down bleach, gloves, plus a sponge only to find that it comes right back in two weeks. This is mostly due to the fact mold releases spores, just like ferns do, in order to spread plus grow, but mold spores can linger in a room and can greatly continue to come back if the settings are right. The first thing to guess about mold is it thrives in the wet so you’ll need to dry out the area or item you’re finding mold growing in. If you’re removing mold from an object, take the object outside on a sunny afternoon an clean it all off there. The open air will help to insure that as you scrub, the mold spores don’t find their way back inside. Once you’ve finished your cleaning, you’ll need to take measures to make the environment inhospitable to mold. The best overall perk of doing so is through using a dehumidifier plus an media air cleaner, a dehumidifier works to remove moisture from the air in the area. The drier the air is, the worst is for the mold, which is better for you, however next, the whole-condo air purifier will work hard to remove any pesky mold spores that are still hanging around. The best media air cleaner for your needs will be any model that uses a HEPA air filter. If you use an a/c unit, you’ll also truly want to make sure that your Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C is using the same HEPA air filters, but hEPA air filters are the only kind that are strong enough to contain mold spores inside, and with these changes made, you’ll stop mold from ever invading your condo ever again.