Getting that old time HVAC heating feeling once again

It’s interesting that I have had ample opportunity to leave this region but never chose to.

I could have gone to a different part of the country for college but decided to stay put and go to a school close to home.

My husband and I have both been offered jobs that would have come with a transfer. However, the thought of leaving the area was just something that we couldn’t imagine. So the fact that we have chosen to retire right here in this region shouldn’t be a real shock to anyone. Both of us grew up not too far from each other and met in that college I mentioned. But we both grew up with the same sort of HVAC heating. My parents inherited their house from my dad’s uncle. It was a fine house although a bit on the big side. And it came with this giant boiler down in the basement. I can’t even imagine what it would cost to heat with that monster now. Surely, it would be completely unsustainable from a heating cost standpoint. But man that radiant heat was the best! No matter how brutal cold it got outside, we were always warm inside. And it gets seriously cold in this region for months at a time. Ironically, my husband grew up with radiant heat as well. So when we were choosing our HVAC system for our much smaller retirement home, we went with the geothermal option. Not only is geothermal HVAC so incredibly efficient and cost effective, it uses radiant heat. Now we enjoy those cold days just like we once did when we were little kids. It’s truly an amazing example of life coming full circle.


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