Getting the heating system checked

This Winter time has been brutal – the stuff of legends, I’m telling you! It seems to be snowing every other day, if not everyday. The other morning when I went outside to snow-blow my driveway, it was the worst snowfall yet! I was glad when I was done, as I couldn’t wait to get back inside to enjoy the heat from my oil furnace. When I stepped inside my home, it was jarring to notice how chilly the indoors had been. I ran to the temperature control to make sure the heating was on still, in addition to the temperature showed 55 degrees. It was disturbing because the temperature was still dropping, in addition to I couldn’t get the oil furnace to click back on. I called up the Heating and AC supplier in addition to they said unless I went with emergency repair, I couldn’t get it fixed until a month later. Well, there was no way I was going to last a month so I opted for the emergency repair. I was thankful that an Heating in addition to A/C serviceman was there within an hour to take care of my oil furnace, however the emergency Heating in addition to A/C repair bill was overpriced! I couldn’t think how much I had to pay for that repair, however it was either that or risk my life and my house! The pipes could have froze over, and then the pipes would burst! The mess that would’ve made is enough to make me shudder. I have to admit that I learned a critical lesson. One should never head into the winter season without getting their Heating in addition to A/C system checked out!

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