Getting the HVAC guy in the house

Thanks to a desired change in career, I found myself needing to leave for a new town on short notice. So, I quickly moved into this condo. I didn’t think too much about it; it was cheap and near work, plus it allowed for pets. The place looked decent enough, and the building seemed to be in a safe area. I signed the mortgage on it without too much concern. I was really focused on this new job! I’d only been here for about a month, when I finally needed to turn the furnace on last night to warm the condo up. Eventually, I noticed a funny, musty smell. I was not concerned, since the condo hadn’t been occupied for at least a few months. But then I thought twice.The condo hasn’t been lived in, in a while, so was the HVAC system serviced? Reluctantly, I shut the whole system back off, and called a local heating and air conditioning company the next day, and used my heated blanket that night. Sure enough when the furnace guy came over the next day, he said I made the smart decision. Apparently, a crucial part had broken on the oil furnace and the smell I detected was evidence of it failing. Thankfully, I shut it down in time before the damage could spread, so the furnace required a little maintenance rather than needing a new system. Next time, I will remember to have an HVAC guy visit before starting up the central heater in the winter.

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