Getting the power restored

My girlfriend and I have so much in common that it is kind of funny.  We like the same kinds of food, art, dance, and music. We are both outdoorsmen and we love to hike and go mountain climbing.  There is so much that is alike with us that it was almost scary, and then we found out where our common grounds clashed. I really like to blast the heating and air conditioning when we are in the car.  I know that most of my waking time is spent outdoors, regardless of the weather, because we both work as park rangers, but when I am in the car, I want to have my heating or air conditioning, and I want it turned on full blast and in my face.  She isn’t as happy about the HVAC as I am. She wants to open up the windows and feel the fresh air as it blows over our skin and cools us off. She wants to have the thermostat in car, set as close to the outside temperature as possible. I don’t know if it is because I shed my coat when I get in the car, but in the winter, I want my heater at seventy.  She still wants it down to at least fifty. She doesn’t want to freeze, but she wants the thermostat low. I’ve got a feeling that this could be a real problem when we get out of our lovey-dovey stage. I can compromise with her on the windows being opened in the summer, but she is going to have to compromise on turning on the heater in winter, and having it at a comfortable seventy degrees.

HVAC tune-up