Getting the right size central air system

When I finally built my vacation home, I figured I could keep my costs down with most of my purchases.  I found a cheap but reputable contractor that handled clearing the lot and getting the foundation and walls put up.  They gave me a choice of three different HVAC systems I could put in, all with different costs. I told them I wanted the cheapest one, the house is in a warm climate and I didn’t think it was necessary to have a bigger AC if I’m only there during the winter months.  Oddly enough, after just a few weeks in my new vacation home I decided to move here full time and sell my home up north. The only issue is now that it’s warmer outside, I’m needing the air conditioner a lot more and it’s struggling to keep up with the temperatures I set the thermostat to.  I called an HVAC company out to inspect my system, I was afraid something was broken. The technicians looked over everything and both agreed that even though my air conditioner was in good condition and working properly, I was sold a unit that was too small for my house. They explained that the higher up front cost would have been mitigated after several months worth of regular use because it isn’t chugging along non-stop to maintain the indoor climate.  Thankfully I had some funds left over from the sale of my house and was able to schedule an installation for a new system. My house is finally starting to feel cold again and without the extra cost of an air conditioner constantly running just to keep up.

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