Getting through the holidays without heat

This holiday season has been one of the hardest of my life. Back in the fall, there was a major incident involving the local gas company. Long story short: quite a few homes were lost, and even lives, and today my little town is still recovering. While lots of folks have their central heating back, there are still a few houses like mine that don’t. I’m lucky that we don’t need to live in a trailer like the people who lost everything, but going this long without our central heating has been exhausting. To stay warm, we are forced to use the many space heaters which the gas company has provided us with. The little space heaters work pretty well all things considered, but they’re really not meant to be used 24/7. However, since it is the the holidays and my kids are off from school, that’s exactly what we are forced to do. The gas company said they would have the central heating in our town completely restored by Thanksgiving, but now its been Christmas and we still can’t get our gas furnace fixed. It’s so cold now that it’s only slowing down the progress. HVAC equipment is sensitive and doesn’t like to get too cold; that’s why boilers and furnaces have to be installed in places safely away from the cold outdoor weather. The colder it gets, the frostier our home gets, and the longer it takes the gas company to get our new HVAC equipment installed. At this rate, we won’t even have the gas furnace back in time for the new year.