Gift card for AC with installation

I started college two years ago, but this is the first year I have lived away from the dorms. At my college, all freshman and sophomores are forced to live in the campus dorms. They think putting us closer, will teach us to get to class on time. I thinks it’s a horrible rule. I’ve had to study for midterms, while my whole dorm was partying for St. Patty’s Day. I never had a moment alone, and my roommate always had guests. I even tried to get a special exception from the dean of students, but he refused. As soon as I could get my own apartment, I moved out of the dorms. My apartment isn’t very big, but it’s only mine. I have a small bathroom with single stall shower. I even have a small balcony that overlooks the lake. Unfortunately, I don’t have any A/C equipment in the apartment. I have electric heat, but A/C is not an included amenity. I complained about the A/C problem to my Mom and Dad. For Christmas, they gave me a gift certificate for a new A/C unit with free installation. I will be able to choose a few different A/C options, and my parents will pay the fees. My landlord agreed, as long as the A/C equipment was installed by a professional and removable upon my exit. I’m really excited to have A/C for next summer. Only a few students in the building have A/C units, and I am going to be on that list.

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