Girls Night

Every few months, my college friends and I plan a girls night.  We pick a new restaurant to go to, and usually finish the night off at a bar.  Then, everyone sleeps over at my house. Last girls night was a few days ago. It’s always nice to see my friends and reminisce on old times, but this trip was a bit uncomfortable.  My friend Sarah insisted that we try a new wings place in the city. We all agreed that fried food sounded great, so we met there at seven in the evening. Right when I walked in, I had a feeling this was going to be a miserable night.  I opened the doors and got hit with a wave of hot air. It was summer outside, so I was expecting air conditioning inside of the restaurant. Instead, it was hotter inside the restaurant than it was outside of the restaurant. I waited for the rest of my friends to arrive and expected them to want to leave and find someplace else, but Sarah insisted that she heard wonderful things and we needed to try their wings.  You can’t argue with Sarah, so we all went along with it. I asked the waiter if they could turn on the air conditioning, but he said that it’s broken. It broke that morning and the owner didn’t want to close the restaurant because he thought it would be fixed within a few hours. He was wrong. They placed fans all throughout the restaurant, but it felt like the fans were blowing hot air. I tried to push past it and enjoy my food. After finishing our food, we all ran out as quickly as we could.  We didn’t want to spend another minute in that sauna.