Giving a homeless man an HVAC job

As a business owner, I feel it is my duty to the community to take a chance on helping people out every once in a while.

Someone gave me a helping hand when I was first starting out, so I think it’s only right to pay that forward and offer that same hand to others.

I will be the first to admit this doesn’t always work out, and I’ve gotten burned more than once, but when it does work out, it can really make a difference in someone’s life. I had gotten a big job in an apartment building in the city, and the other HVAC tech on my crew called out sick that day. I decided to try and go it alone, but this was an enormous, and antiquated central furnace that was almost as old as I was. The furnace really needed to be replaced and upgraded, but the owners just wanted it working again, so I did my best. Behind the water boiler I discovered a homeless man sleeping, and he thought I was going to kick him out. Instead I offered him a spare HVAC company logo shirt and asked if he wanted to make $15 an hour helping me fix up this furnace. Not only did the guy not know anything about heating systems, he said he had never graduated from grade school! Regardless, I offered him a regular spot on my HVAC crew as a technician’s assistant, starting immediately. Although he had no HVAC experience, he had a heck of a work ethic, and was a good hire.

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