Giving up on Black Friday shopping because of overuse of mall’s heating system

I used to look forward to going Black Friday shopping every year.  My mother, daughter and I would get up extremely early, head to the mall, and spend hours shopping for special deals.  Since we live in the northeastern part of the country, the November weather is typically chilly. It’s not unusual for us to have feet of snow and temperatures below freezing at Thanksgiving.  We were normally forced to park a long distance from the mall and endure a chilly walk to get inside. We bundled up in heavy boots, wool coats, sweaters, hats and gloves to combat the cold and snow.  We’d then step inside the mall and immediately begin to sweat. The overuse of the heating system turned the experience into an ordeal. Every store was overheated and stuffy, with a continuous blast of hot air from the vents.  It was tiring to carry our coats and many packages around with us. I’m sure it’s difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature within the mall when exterior doors are constantly being opened. I imagine the energy bills for a building of that size are horrendous.  However, I don’t understand such excessive heating. My mother, daughter and I quit our Black Friday shopping tradition because of it. We now complete our shopping online, in the comfort of our own homes. Our packages get delivered right to our front doors, and there’s no searching for a parking space or waiting in line at the register.  We have access to the thermostat and regulate a comfortable temperature. It’s not quite as exciting, but I prefer not to suffer the torture of a commercial heating system.

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