Giving up on Christmas shopping because of overheated stores

My daughter and I used to make Black Friday shopping a yearly tradition.  We’d get up super early, spend the day at the mall and take advantage of all the deals.  I used to complete the majority of my Christmas shopping during the trip. We’ve since switched to online shopping because of the superior convenience.  In the area where we live, the weather at the end of November is typically quite cold. We often have temperatures below freezing and feet of snow on the ground by Thanksgiving.  To head to the mall, we need to bundle up in heavy sweaters, coats and boots, and run both the heater and defrost in the car at maximum capacity. Finding a parking space is always difficult, and then we’re forced to walk a long ways across the icy lot.  By the time we reach the mall, we’re nearly frozen to death. Then we step inside the mall and instantly start to sweat. Every stores overuses the heating system to the point of aggravation. Carrying a bulky coat and heavy shopping bags, and traipsing around in boots is difficult enough.  Getting blasted with overheated air from a million HVAC vents just makes it worse. My daughter and I got tired of ending our shopping day feeling sweaty, exhausted and downright sick from the heat. Shopping online allows us to wear our pajamas, and adjust the thermostat to our preference. We don’t need to worry about snowy roads, hauling shopping bags, waiting in line or feeling either too hot or too cold.  I regulate the furnace to the perfect comfort level, click a button to make a purchase, and everything gets delivered to my doorstep.

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