glad we can get a new HVAC unit

A couple of days ago I had to do something that was actually pretty hard for me. I was a lot more emotional than I should have been. For the past. two decades, I had relied on the same old heating equipment in my house. It kept my family and me warm through some important life events. We just replaced it with radiant heated flooring. My wife and kids are nothing but ecstatic. They have all been telling me the heater needed to be replaced at least for the past two years. I won’t lie, the old equipment was pretty tuckered out. It wouldn’t always work when I turned it on, it made a horribly loud moan when it kicked on, and I was spending a lot of money on HVAC maintenance calls. I just always insisted that that was the charm and style of having old equipment. The rest of my family couldn’t wait for this change, it was like they had forgotten how well the heating equipment used to work. We would have had some cold winters had it not been for that heater. I have to say though, the change has already been great. It’s nice to not hear a loud noise every time I want a little warmth. I am excited to see how much I am going to save on both my bills and HVAC maintenance appointments. Still, I am really going to miss my old equipment. The new upgrade doesn’t change how much I appreciated my old heater.

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