Glad we got heated floors

In northern temperatures basements almost always give an important layer of insulation that makes the upper floor or floors more comfortable, with the gas furnace usually located in the basement, heated basements help keep the floor above at a comfortable temperature. When the surrounding area doesn’t accommodate basement construction, placing heating elements in the floor is a fantastic way to keep the whole loft toasty warm. The alternative is a cement floor radiating cold and frost into the home, a chilly that must be overcome by whatever gas furnace the loft employs. Thick carpet can help however often this may be a bad solution depending on the ventilation and humidity in the home. In modern construction in chilly temperatures, radiant heat often is built into the floor as part of the home’s total gas furnace, then hoses containing an antifreeze solution are put in place just before the cement floor is poured. This system works well with a radiant gas furnace that has radiators in rooms above the first floor. In older construction it is still possible to add heated floors in remodeling plans and projects. While it is difficult to heat an entire older loft this way, a heated bathroom floor goes a very long way to add some reliability to any home and is a project worth including in a remodeling plan. Homes often have areas where the hot and cold temperatures vary depending on window locationment, radiator or heating vent locations, and drafts, and a heated floor gives off an even, comfortable heat that helps eliminate uncomfortable cold pockets inside. Warm floors create a cozy atmosphere and help to keep the discomfort of cold and rainy weather outside the door where it belongs.

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