Glad we have a gas fireplace

I’m still considered a bit of an oddball in my family because I’m not a fan of new tech stuff. I like the older version because I find they last longer as well as they often serve several different purposes. Brand new things are often built to accomplish only one job, as well as they’re built to fall apart eventually so that the company can make more money off of you buying an upgrade. You can take my parent’s gas fireplace. When the people I was with and I moved into this apartment many years ago, I realized why it was covered but I didn’t love it. Of course, the gas fireplace was honestly pretty with its wood as well as marble mantle as well as hearth, plus, you could turn it on the with the flick of a switch rather than just having to set up a fire with traditional wood as well as kindling, however, the light switch always meant something else to me. It needs power to run. Plus, the gas fireplace has to operate in a closed system, meaning there is no door to open while its operating. That also means you can’t cook over it. What is the point of a fireplace if you can’t cook or keep warm by it in an emergency? Well, last Thanksgiving I got stuck at the apartment while a blizzard rolled in while I was in the night. It got so angry that before long, the power went out. Well, my parent was all too happy when he walked up to the gas fireplace as well as flipped the switch, only for it to jump to life. I couldn’t quite believe it! Apparently if you keep the pilot light on, you can start a gas fireplace in the storm. I like it a tiny bit more now, but the people I was with and I still needed the old camp stove to cook our food.

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