Going camping

Back several years ago I had a girlfriend who loved to go camping.

  • She was from a small town and a completely different lifestyle than me.

I was from the city and was not into camping in the slightest. However she talked me into going with her. She had a camper so if I couldn’t deal with sleeping in the wilderness I could retreat to the camper for the night. So we went, and let me tell you that I actually didn’t mind the whole experience too much. But when it got to be night time I had to go in the camper. It was way too cold out for me and the camper had a great heater in it. Actually there was a space heater and then the regular heating system. The heating system in the camper was able to be ran without having to start up the engine. I don’t know how exactly that worked, but that was the case. I have to say though that I will not go camping again. Although I didn’t mind it in the day I really need heating or air conditioning wherever I am at! Out in the wilderness there is no way to have any heating or air conditioning obviously. And unless it was the perfect temperatures in the area we would be camping at, it would need to be heating and air conditioning for me all the way! My girlfriend thought I was rather crazy with my need for heating and air conditioning.


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