Going to more parties

When I was much younger, the strangest things started happening. I had some sort of secret admirer. I didn’t guess who it could be to be honest, but they would regularly leave these gifts at my door with some sort of poetry or love note. They never said who they were for the longest time. I remember for a long while I never even had a cooling equipment in my house. This was horrible while in the summer season weeks, but I just dealt with it. I would officially just leave the windows open and have a nice breeze going through my house. At least I had a heating idea for the Winter season weeks. Well, this one day, I acquired the nicest thing from my secret admirer. It was a portable Heating and Air Conditioning system! I couldn’t think this thing, I could just take it with myself and others where I happened to be hanging out in the house. I just needed to let the exhaust hose go out a window wherever I happened to be. It worked legitimately nicely. It legitimately wasn’t as nice as a central cooling idea or anything love that, but it kept myself and others perfectly cool! The note was legitimately cute and thoughtful and said he hoped I would be able to think as cool as I legitimately was. When I was at work talking to my kids, I was going on about how sweet this guy was who gave myself and others the nicest portable cooling system system. Finally after work this guy I worked with gave myself and others a rose and a note. I looked at him strangely and then read the note. I immediately recognized the handwriting and the writing style. I immediately hugged him and gave him a kiss and told him he was the sweetest guy ever! Today, I am married to that man!

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