Golf cooling

People say that golf is a rich man’s sport. That may have been the case back in the fifties and earlier, but these days it’s a pretty easy sport to get into! Joining a country club, however… that can be a bit expensive. There’s a lot of perks that come with such a membership though – from the heavily reduced green fees for playing a round of golf, to the priority in setting tee times. Those are good and well, don’t get me wrong – but the main reason I enjoy having a membership to the country club in town is for the clubhouse. Let me explain something here: if you’ve never tried to play through a four-hour round of golf on a hot summer afternoon in August, be thankful! It’s hard to stay focused on the game when you’re drenched in sweat, desperately trying to keep your grip on a club. That’s why I love going to the clubhouse after each game, as this little resting place has an incredibly powerful air conditioning system running at all times! I believe the clubhouse uses a central air conditioning system, but I have never been inside that clubhouse and remained hot and sweaty for more than five minutes. Aside from the high-powered air conditioning system, the clubhouse uses excellent ventilation to circulate the air, keeping all the pollen, dirt and other debris outdoors where it belongs. The best part of all is the dehumidifier, which ensures that the air inside the clubhouse remains dry, cool and crisp! I know it may sound like I’m just spoiled here, but the excellent indoor air quality of that clubhouse makes the ridiculous monthly membership fees worthwhile.

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